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Ken Marcus  
Gatefold Shoots


June 1975 - Azizi Johari
January 1976 - Daina House
April 1976 - Denise Michele
May 1976 - Patricia McClain
June 1976 - Debra Peterson
August 1976 - Linda Beatty
gatefold photo only
October 1976 - Hope Olson
January 1977 - Susan Lynn Kiger
May 1977 - Sheila Mullen
July 1977 - Sondra Theodore
October 1977 - Kristine Winder
pages 136 & 137 a tag-team gatefold shoot (with Casilli, Freytag & Honey)
February 1978 - Janis Schmitt
July 1978 - Karen Morton
gatefold & other photography
December 1978 - Janet Quist
January 1980 - Gig Gangel
April 1980 - Liz Glazowski
  July 1975 A Long Look at Legs: Paul Gremmler, Robert Keeling, Francois Robert, Arthur Paul, Don Azuma, Pompeo Posar, Bill Arsenault, and Richard Fegley.
1979 Photography by: A review of some of Ken's work.
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