Playboy Magazine May 1971 vol.18, no.5
May 1971, Playboy cover image
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Diane Davies photographed by J. Barry O'Rourke
our cover girl, diane davies, invites you to dive right into a swimmingly good issue that will take you all the way from manhattan's east 59th street to the bahamas—and back again. our bunny will, of course, be keeping fully abreast of your journey
Paging Miss Pennington!
propelled by a sure-fire mixture of ambition and ability, janice's acting star is on the rise
Janice Pennington photographed by Mario Casilli
Playmate image
John Wayne interviewed by Richard Warren Lewis with photography by Ja>ck Hamilton
a candid conversation with the straight-shooting superstar / superpatriot
The Stuff Of Poetry by Geoffrey Norman with a painting by Herb Davidson
a little guitar picking, fast-water canoeing, booze, archery and weight lifting—if you happen to be james dicky in search of deliverance
Right Number photographed by Steve Schapiro
debuting as the star of a porno-movie satire, "the telephone book." sarah kennedy has obviously found her calling
The Bunnies of New York photographed by David Chan, Barrie Flakelar, Dwight Hooker, Dick Norton, Bill Sumner and Pompeo Posar
a words-and-pictures toast to manhattan's glamorous hutch honeys
Karen Ferber, Beverly Taylor, Debbie Ellison, Waren Smith, Gina Byrams, Anita Jabbour, Gina Loren, Gisela Moseman, Ricki Shapiro, Barbara Hillary, Vikki Gatling, Suzi Mitchell, Judy Juterbock, Candice Bajada, Monique Murphy, Helena Antonaccia, Shari Marcell, Dee Levin, Carmel Atwell, Janice Shilinsky, Leni Campbell, Tonya Mohommed, Lee Wydra, Emma Patterson, Diane Richardson, Nikki Minick, Dee Saffold, Jody Irushalmi, Brigitte Gartenberg, Dianne Hall and Pam Powers
Articles and Features Playbill
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
Acts, Books, Movies, Dining-Drinking, Recordings, Theater
The Playboy Advisor
The Playboy Forum - an interchange of ideas between reader and editor on subjects raised by "the playboy philosophy"
The Trip (fiction) by V. S. Pritchett, illustrated by Hedda Johnson
Scuba-do! (sports) with photography by Al Giddings
The Procreation Myth (opinion) by James Collier with photography by Bill Arsenault
The Unforgettable Exhibition Game (humor) by Jean Shepherd, illustrated by Gordon Kibbee
Power Play (article) by Robert Sherrill with photography by Bill Arsenault
Current's Future (projection)
Haunts Of The Very Rich (fiction) by T. K. Brown Iii, illustrated by Seymour Rosofsky
The Splendid Souffle (food) by George Bradshaw with photography by Dwight Hooker
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
World 42; Freaks 0 (article) by Garry Wills, illustrated by Chuck Wood
One Good Turn (fiction) by Brad Williams, illustrated by Gene Szafran
Turned Out For Tomorrow (attire) with photography by Francesco Scavullo
Animal Fair (fiction) by Robert Bloch, illustrated by Manon Catherine Cleary
Vargas Girl (pictorial) by Alberto Vargas
The Queen's Birthday (ribald classic) from a 19th century French feuileton
Land Of The Risen Sun (travel ) by Reg Potterton with photos by Larry Dale Gordon and M. F. Wolfe
Playboy's Capsule Guide To A Japanese Holiday
The Swingers (humor) cartoons by John Dempsey
"Slow Down, You Move Too Fast" (article) by David Butler photographed by Pompeo Posar
Vargas Girl
Janice Pennington is the sister of fellow Playmate Ann Pennington who made her appearance in the March 1976 issue. This is the first instance of Playmate sisters in separateissues.
James Dickey was a Poet Laureate of the United States and novelist. He came to wider public attention when his 1970 novel, Deliverance, was made into a movie in 1972. He is interviewed for the November 1973 issue. He died on 19 January 1997.
258 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.
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