Playboy Magazine February 1979 vol.26, no.2
February 1979, Playboy cover image.
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Candace L. Collins photographed by Tom Staebler
Candy Collins, a former Chicago Bunny of the Year, stars in an update of a July 1964 cover designed by former Associate Art Director Reid Austin. In 1964, Austin drew the lipstick Rabbit on cover girl Cynthia Maddox' tummy (a historic moment pictured in last month's 25th Anniversary Issue), and this year Executive Art Director Tom Staebler did the honors to Collins' anatomy—obviously a return navel engagement.
Our Fair Lady
her name is lee ann michelle and, by george!, we think she's got it
Lee Ann Michelle photographed by Mario Casilli
Playmate image
Lee Ann Michelle
Neil Simon interviewed by Lawrence Linderman with photography by Kerry Morris
a candid conversation about humor and success with the sunshine playwright
Father Knows Best photographed by Ron Vogel
photographer ron vogel has been snapping his daughter, alexis, ever since she was a baby. at 21, she's still his favorite model
The Girls of Las Vegas by John Sack, photographed by R. Scott Hooper
for the beauties who bloom in that neon-and-baize oasis, it a hectic night's journey into day
Angelique Pettyjohn, Susan Smith, Tammy Feuer, Christine DeSimone, Ella Lynn Kallish, Norma Jean Fregeau, Brandy Ray, Brigitte Corvaisier, Rhoda Barton, Darlene Madison, Sallie Lancaster, Lea Renalt, Eva Maria Courtoi and Carol Nicholson
The Year in Sex
it was a quiet twelvemonth—with everything from the beautiful people taking it off in the discos to the pro-football brass blowing it's cool over our uncoverage of those rousing cheerleaders
Sivi Aberg, Linda Blair, Anna Bond, Anita Bryant, Bebe Buell, Elizabeth Caleca, MarilynChambers, Candace L. Collins, Carol Connors, Britt Ekland, Kellie Everts, Fionnula Flanagan, Jerry Hall, Alana Hamilton, Marcy Hanson, Marsha Hunt, Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones, Madleen Kane, Pixie McGillicuddy, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Gail Palmer, Dolly Parton, Michelle Phillips, Linda Ronstadt, Ruth C.Stapleton
Articles and Features Playbill
The World Of Playboy - hef sightings, mansion frolics and nightlife notes
Dear Playboy
Playboy After Hours - a guy's guide to what's hip and what's happening
The Playboy Advisor
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers
The Grapes Of Rothschild (article) by G. Barry Golson
Strike Teams (article) by David B. Tinnin with David Halevy, illustrated by Christian Piper
Neon Turn-On (modern living)
Cross-Country Skiing (sports) by Craig Vetter
Playboy's Party Jokes (humor) with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
The Fountains Of Paradise: Part Two (con) (fiction) by Arthur C. Clarke, illustrated by Ignacio Gomez
The Winning Of The Vest (attire) by David Platt
Ten Historical Sex Hang-Ups (article) by Morton M. Hunt
Diary Of A Mad Jogger (humor) by Richard Liebmann-Smith
A Warning To Virgins And Young Men About A Certain Vile Practice (ribald classic), illustrated by Brad Holland
Rudolf Diesel, What You're Missing! (modern living) by Brock Yates
Remember Your Rubbers (nostalgia)
Playboy Funnies (humor)
Playboy's Pipeline - tips on keeping your lifestyle in high gear
Playboy Potpourri - people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement
On The Scene
what's happening, where it's happening and who's making it happen
Gadgets - Habitat - Gear - Grapevine: Playboy's Roving Eye and Sex News
Bebe Buell is the November 1974 Playmate.
Candace L. Collins is the December 1979 Playmate.
Marcy Hanson is the October 1978 Playmate.
Susan Smith is the September 1981 Playmate.
Alexis Vogel is, for over 25 years, a make-up artist working in the motion-picture, fashion and glamor industry including having done the make-up for many Playmate and Playboy cover shoots.
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