Playboy Magazine April 1977 vol.24, no.4
April 1977, Playboy cover image.
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Lisa Sohm photographed by Dwight Hooker
In case y'all haven't noticed, the South has risen again and, in celebration of that event, we bring you The Girls of the New South. The girl in the Confederate cap is also this month's Playmate, Lisa Sohm. She was shot by Staff Photographer Dwight Hooker, a distant relative of General Joseph Hooker, the Union general, who allegedly had such a relaxed attitude toward ladies of the night that his last name became synonymous with ... well, you know. That concludes this month's apocryphal history lesson.
Ambitious Miss
april's lisa sohm wants very much to be someone. she's got a helluva start
Lisa Sohm photographed by Pompeo Posar
Playmate image
Lisa Sohm
Gary Gillmore interviewed by Lawrence Schiller & Barry Farrell with photography by Lawrence Schiller
a series of conversations, ending on the eve of his execution, with the utah killer who renewed the capital-punishment debate by demanding his right to die
Artful Bunny photographed by Nicholas De Scoise
phoenix' jennifer edl creates more than a sensation
"Carte Blanche"
from the people who brought you the let-it-all-hang-out "oh! calcutta!"—a show that lets it all hang out even further
Girls O The New South by Peter Ross Range with photography by David Chan
rhett butler never had it so good
Julia Kemp, Gerri Smith, Andrea Lambrou, Sandra Ellis, Donna Percival, Angela Clarke, Heather Smirnes, Amanda Childers, Nancy Bergeron, Rhonda La Canellas, Rhonda Shear, Deonna Lang, Elvera Toma, Genie Bellar, Barbara Hawthorne, Cathy White, Jacquelyn deVier, Gail Stanton and Jeanne Schmitt
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Playboy Sex Poll - an informal survey of current sexual attitudes, behavior and insights - by Howard Smith and Brian Van Der Horst
The Playboy Forum - a continuing dialogue on contemporary issues between playboy and its readers
Howard Hughes: Inside His Secret Files (article) by Laurence Gonzales And Larry Dubois
John Dempsey Cartoon (humor)
Sweating Gold (article) by Jay Rosenstein, illustrated by John Youssi
It's Rough Out There (attire) by David Platt
Voyages Of A Mile-High Fille De Joie (fiction) by Judith Johnson Sherwin
Playboy's Party Jokes with LeRoy Neiman's Femlin
The Hite Report: What Do Women Really Want?(article) by Barbara Nellis *
playboy and the author of the traumitizing best seller talk about female orgasm—the fantasy and the facts
My Weekend Of Flashy Orgasms (article) by Dan Greenburg
Letters Of Gallantry (ribald classic), illustrated by Brad Holland
Playboy Music '77 (survey)
The New Shape Of Tape (modern living) by Norman Eisenberg
Cordially Inviting (drink) by Emanuel Greenberg
Little Annie Fanny explores the music scene (satire) by Harvey Kurtzman And Will Elder
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Lisa Sohm also appears on the cover of the September 1977 issue and in the March 1978 pictorial "Sex on Wheels".
A chilling talk with Gary Gillmore the convicted Utah killer who wanted to get "hisself capital punished"—and did, on January 17—the first person to be executed in the United States since the reinstitution of the death penalty. The interview was published after his execution by firing squad.
Rhonda Shear, TV presenter and actress also appears in the " Funny Girls" pictorial in the June 1991 issue and in "Rhonda Is Up All Night", her own pictorial in the October 1993 issue.
*Author Shere Hite appears in the December 1971 pictorial "Personal Visions of the Erotic" photographed by J. Frederick Smith.
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