Playboy Magazine June 1961 vol.8, no.6
June 1961, Playboy cover image.
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Heidi Becker photographed by Mario Casilli
our june cover borrows a page from a dictionary for it's design and includes, therein, several definitions of the word playboy - the man, not the magazine - that are partly webster's and partly our own
Girl In A Whirl
our miss june is milwaukee's favorite dear
Heidi Becker photographed by Mario Casilli
Pictorials Ann, Man!
Singer Ann Richards photographed by Mario Casilli
Articles and Features Marcianna & The Natural Carpaine In Papaya (fiction) by Bernard Wolfe with a nice double page illustration by Ardy Kazarosian
The Freedom Fighter (satire) cartoons by Jules Feiffer
You Can Make A Million Today (article) by J. Paul Getty
Grand Prix of Monaco: (article) by Charles Beaumont
it's carnival air is vibrant with the thunder of engines and the scent of roses
Punch (fiction) Frederik Pohl
The Hell-Fire Club (cinema) by Gerald Walker
The S.S. United States (man at his leisure) sketches by Leroy Neiman
Equal Time For Johnny Reb (satire) by Larry Siegel
The Literati Of The Four-Letter Word (opinion) by Leslie A. Fiedler
by Vargas

Playboy's Gifts For Dads & Grads (gifts)
Harold's Affair (fiction) by Walter Goodman
Silverstein In Hawaii (humor) by Shel Silverstein
Let 'Em Eat Pancakes (food) by Thomas Mario
The Great American Divide by Herbert Gold
Reno, Nevada, USA
Formal Approach (attire)
The Robber's Gift (ribald classic) A Tale of "The Exempla" of Jacques De Vitry, illustrated by Leon Bellin more reading
Playboy's International Datebook (travel) by Patrick Chase
On The Scene: Dr. Gregory Pincus, Dick GregoryFull Page Vargas Girl - on page 94
"I never heard of a come as you are party for two. But it sounds like fun."

Ann Richards was the lead vocalist from the '50s in Stan Kenton's big band. She was also his wife.
Triple page fold out advert for Tantastic suntan lotion over pages 99 -101
Vespa advert on page 105

136 pages of period adverts, pin ups and articles with lots of quality photographs and illustrations.