Playboy Magazine November 2007 vol.54, no.11
November 2007, Playboy cover image.
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Lindsey Roeper - Real Bunnies of Vegas photographed by Arny Freytag
Since 1959, when the world's sexiest women were sought to staff Hef's after-hours playgrounds, the Playboy Bunny has become a timeless cultural icon. Now the Playboy Club is back, along with a new crop of Bunnies, at the Palms in Las Vegas. Senior Contributing Photographer Arny Freytag helps Bunny Lindsey Roeper hop onto our cover; our Rabbit loves a woman in uniform


Nebraska Knockout
marvelous miss november has us on the ropes
Lindsay Elizabeth Wagner photographed by Stephen Wayda


Robert Redford interviewed by David Hochman
Though a Hollywood star for four decades, the intensely private actor-activist remains ssomething of a mystery. As his charged political thriller Lions for Lambs prepares to open, the Oscar-winning director chats candidly

20 Questions

Matt Leinart interviewed by Jason Burmester, photographed by Frank W. Ockenfels 3
Would you choose voluntary football practice over a day with Scarlett Johansson? The Arizona Cardinals QB comes to the sidelines to discuss this difficult choice, as well as the pleasures of hanging with Will Ferrell, his worst hangover and why he delayed entering the NFL to finish at USC


babes of the month
The Oily Girls photographed by Mike Shea
  Holly Huddleston and Molly Shea, better known as The Oily Girls from E! reality show Sunset Tan....
coed of the month
Nittany Lioness
  Penn state's gregarious Kimberly Ann puts the happy In happy valley
The Bonds Girl by Steve Pond with photography by Arny Freytag
In this grand slam of a pictorial, Kimberly Bell proves there is life after a tumultuous relationship with Barry Bonds
The Bunnies Are Back photographed by Arny Freytag
At the Playboy Club at the Palms in Las Vegas, some extraordinary women are reviving the Bunny tradition. Meet the new breed

Articles and Features


The Sexual Male, Part Three: Sex On the Brain illustrated by Mirko Ilic
In the third installment in our ongoing series of reports on the science of male sexuality, we examine your most important sex organ and its ability to turn you on. turn you off and turn you into a fool for love.
Geniuses At Play by Scott Alexander
The video game is an art form with limitless variations. We spoke with some of the industry's foremost creators, who told us where video games are headed and they arouse so much passion.
The Iceman Cleans Up by Lucius Shepard, photography by Kate Turning
Win or lose, Chuck Liddell is the biggest celebrity in the UFC. No fighter draws larger crowds, and he's certainly the only one to star on an episode of Entourage. Our writer watches the Iceman train and play with his kids and listens to his tales of life in the Octagon and the fast lane.
The Passion Of Paul Wolfowitz By James Rosen
As president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz was one of the most powerful men on earth. But long before his term expired, he was—quite diplomatically— shown the door. Here is the inside story of how Wolfowitz's enemies used his relationship with his girlfriend to drive him out.
Straight Talk Expressed by Jeff Greenfield
Two years before jumping into the presidential primary race, Fred Thompson, the former senator and appealing character actor, sat down with the veteran CBS political analyst and author to talk about how politicians talk—and why voters are hungry for an honest human voice.
Olivia Girl, a full page illustration - after Vargas by Olivia De Berardinis- on page 81
The Gunderson Prophecy by Sam Lipsyte, illustration by Alex Gross
The apocalypse is upon us—so says a pre-Columbian codex, according to Gunderson, a DMT-driven New Age prophet awash in TV offers and fresh hippie tang. All he has to do is stay one step ahead of the cosmic blues before popular belief—and easy cash—runs out.
Coat Check by Joseph De Acetis
Outerwear goes anywhere when we pull out these stylish coats and jackets designed to ward off the big chill.

Robert Redford was also interviewed for the December 1974 issue.

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