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Playboy Magazine October 1957 vol.4, no.10
Playboy Magazine October 1968 vol.15, no.10
Playboy Magazine December 1953 vol.0,
Playboy Magazine October 1975 vol.22, no.10
Playboy Magazine October 1998 vol.45, no.10
Playboy Magazine October 1969 vol.16, no.10
Playboy Magazine October 1962 vol.9, no.10
Playboy Magazine October 1983 vol.30, no.10
Playboy Magazine October 1999 vol.46, no.10
My aim in creating this site is to provide an in-depth look at the history of Playboy Magazine.
With Playmate, Interviews and Contributors' details together with each issue's contents - all in the one place.
It's an on-going work that I hope you enjoy.
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