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Vintage Playboy Mags
which were originally published the month and year of a friend or relative's birth make for great and memorable birthday gifts.
Of course it doesn't have to be a gift, it may just be for yourself. After all, Playboy Magazines can be a snapshot of events that were happening in the world at the time. They are also widely collected. Interested in owning or gifting an edition of this iconic magazine? Remember, they are filled with lots of period adverts, articles, cartoons, comic strips, jokes, interviews, social commentary, quality fiction, photographs, illustrations and . . .
Playboy Magazine Image
April 1977
vol.24, no.4
Cover   Lisa Sohm
Playmate Lisa Sohm
Interview Gary Gillmore
Pictorials Artful Bunny
  Girls Of The New South
Playboy Magazine Image
April 1982
vol.29, no.4
Cover   Mariel Hemingway
Playmate Linda Vaughn
Interview Ed Koch
20Qs James Woods
Pictorials Mariel Hemingway
Henriette Allais
Playboy Magazine Image
April 1993
vol.40, no.4
Cover   Tonja Christensen
Playmate Nicole Wood
Interview Frank Zappa
20Qs Cindy Crawford
Pictorials Tattoo You
Student Bodies
Excellent -£10.99
December 1953 Promo
"I've never been to an orgy, honestly. If I was invited to one, I'd be the guy they sent out for cold cuts"
Woody AllenMay 1967
"I don't think there's anything sweeter on earth than scaring the living shit out of people."
Stephen KingJune 1983